COR:ONA study

How has the pandemic changed our daily life? What does "normal" even mean now? Take part in a research study on this topic and learn more about yourself and your routines in the process.

polar ignite device

Covid-19 has given us many challenges, but also provides an unprecedented opportunity for learning! We want to use this opportunity in a research setting to better understand how we adapt to the post-pandemic life and how long it takes for us to build stable routines again.

By taking part, you will be loaned a Polar fitness tracker (or may use one you already own), wear it for six months to one year, and answer a short monthly survey. You also need to fill out a baseline questionnaire and one at the end of the study. You will need to create your own Polar account for data.

You also should be a full-time Aalto employee who doesn't foresee changing jobs in the next year. Taking part in this study (or not) will not affect your employment in any way.

This study has been approved by the Aalto University Research Ethics Committee.

Frequently Asked Questions